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Fashion of Pentatonix

they cover the songs you love — now cover yourself with the clothes they love

Avi Kaplan starts out PTX 2014 Tour in Tulsa, OK with a shirt from one of his favorite brands, B3AR FRUIT. [photo by Carol Krehbiel]

Crushin’ Heads 2.0 Shirt by B3AR FRUIT

(B3AR FRUIT is currently holding a “spring cleaning” sale, which includes these two shirts that Avi Kaplan has also worn during past shows!)  

Scott Hoying’s chain-pattern shirt from his “Cup Song” Vine was found by tumblr user yourdailyreminders. Thanks! 

Character Hero Chains Tee by Urban Outfitters

The infamous Tide t-shirts worn a lot by Scott Hoying and Kevin Olusola can be found here for only $20.00!

Loads of Hope T-Shirt by Tide

Scott Hoying's infamous cloud-patterned shirt (also the staple outfit of Beyoncé on the Superfruit set) was recently found by PTX fan Flavia (@MitchsSmile)! 

Cloud Nine Crew Sweatshirt by JOYRICH

Avi Kaplan's concert-staple B3AR FRUIT (no relation to SUP3RFRUIT) shirt was requested by trinkab.

Stained Glass Baxter Tee by B3AR FRUIT

Kevin Olusola may have been singing about a zonkey in Scott’s vine, but he was proudly showing off the Ralph Lauren horse. 

Custom Fit Rescue Polo by Ralph Lauren

Avi Kaplan's current Twitter picture shows him shading himself from the Hawaii sun in March 2013

Beachmaster Black sunglasses by Toms

Scott Hoying says on Instragram he “can explain” this shirt, 6 June 2013

Thug Life Saget Shirt be SwagMaster for Skreened

Anonymous said: I saw Kevin wearing a black "PTX" hat last night at their Boston performance. Can't find it anywhere...

It’s actually a new piece of PTX merchandise! It’s exclusively for sale during their shows right now, but it’s supposed to be available on their website soon!